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Why use polythene mailing bags?


Mail order  and online retails is a big business and more and more people everyday want to be able to order goods and have them delivered conveniently to their home.

The introduction of ordering from catalogues many years ago started the mail order trend however it has really grown since online shopping became so popular.

Being able to buy something online has never been simpler and nowadays there is very little that consumers cannot purchase online.

However if you are the online company selling the goods; picking, packing and shipping them to the consumer's home is an important and detailed process. 

Polythene mailing bags are ideal for these markets as they are available in a range of sizes, colours and strength to suit all products. The sealable flaps enable fast and secure packing speeds and the polythene material is hard wearing and waterproof which is perfect for the postal system and ensures your product arrives to the customer as you sent it.

Polythene comes in a range of colours and can be printed to showcase your brand and delight your customers. For more information on the capabilities of polythene mailing bags visit our bespoke packaging section.

Why Use Printed Packaging?

The key to a successful business is to sell your products and services - sound simple? However, a company can only make a sale if people know about them. You can help make this happen by using every single promotional opportunity to raise awareness.

With all of the new technical advancements available there are probably ways to market your business that you may not considered. This is because when it comes to promotion we usually only think of the standard marketing methods - website, adverts and leaflets being the core tactics. These are all effective but by only using these you are not pushing your brand as much as you could be.

How many deliveries does your company make to your customers (your target audience) each day? If you just use plain packaging then you are missing out on a big opportunity to promote your brand.

Utilising your packaging by printing your brand name on your polythene packaging maximise the number of people who hear about your business and the products/services that you offer. Also, the more exposure your brand has can increase recognition and recall which can have a positive impact on enquiries and sales.

Branded packaging is a vital way to promote your business as well as representing your brand in the most creative, eye catching way. New printing techniques include metallic inks, two tone inks, high clarity photographic printing and specific pantone ink to name a few.

If you are interested in utilising your polythene packaging promotional space to reap the most rewards we would love to meet with you to discuss ideas. To arrange a meeting with a Duo expert please email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk or call 0161 203 5767.


Reduce Reduce Reduce

Sustainability is the answer to a greener future and I'm sure everyone is familiar with the message 'reduce, reuse, recycle'. All of these actions have a positive effect on the environment, however, could the key to a sustainable future, purely just to reduce the amount of 'stuff' produced so there is less volume to reuse and recycle?

American company RecycleMatch (www.recyclematch.com ) , is all for waste reduction and has established a website to help match companies with unwanted waste with companies that want to reuse it! RecycleMatch state on their website that already more than 3 million pounds of waste materials have already been diverted from landfills. This not only has massive benefits for the environment and landfill but also assists the companies involved to achieve zero-waste goals.

RecycleMatch operates in a range of industries from chemicals to glass to plastics but unfortunately at present their service on only available in the USA. The success RecycleMatch has achieved so far I look forward to a similar offering available in the UK.

Duo are always on the search for good quality polythene scrap to recycle in our closed loop recycling process and in turn reduce the demand for natural polythene. If you have any unwanted good quality polythene scrap please contact Duo on 0161 203 5767 or enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk

Online Christmas spending expected to exceed £6.4bn

Consumers will spend £6.4bn online over Christmas, up 16% from last year, according to the IMRG Capgemini e-retail sales index.

The UK online spend exceeded early IMRG predictions resulting in the revision of the forecast to £57.8bn up from £49.8bn in 2009. The monthly online retail spend report found that while sales were predicted to hit £6.4bn in December, those in September had already increased by 24% year on year as shoppers bought winter clothes and started Christmas shopping early.

Duo supply to many of the UK online retailers and the trend highlighted by IMRG has been replicated in the order volumes of our polythene mailing bags. Our customers stated that their online sales figures and basket size has increased rapidly since September and expect this trend to continue ahead of what they predicted. Duo has also observed that many online retailers are choosing to increase their stock holding and increase their forecasts for the last quarter to ensure they are well prepared for any sporadic peaks in demand.

Paper vs Polythene

The two most common materials used for mailing bags are paper and polythene.

The argument as to which of these materials is best for fulfillment purposes is long standing and both have positive attributes. When making the decision to which will be most effective for your distribution centre three critical fulfillment factors need to be considered:

- Storage - how much space will the products take up, is there internal capacity?

- Transport - how much haulage is required? How much does the package cost to post to the customer?

- Packing - how quickly can products be packed?

Lets weigh up the options and you can decide…

Critical Factor: Storage

Paper: More pallets and lorries are needed to deliver the same volume of paper products than polythene packaging. Waste paper products have a larger mass to store.

Polythene: Fewer pallets and boxes are required to house a larger number of polythene packaging products. Polythene has a smaller mass to dispose of once used than paper.

Critical Factor: Transport

Paper: 1 lorry = 150,000 paper bags

Polythene: 1 pallet = 150,000 polythene bags

Critical Factor: Packing

Paper: Paper products may require additional adhesives (eg. Tape). Can rip on customer opening = less re-use opportunity.

Polythene: Polythene packaging is flexible therefore increases uses. More products can be stored at packing stations = less refills and more time packing. Can be re-used easily for returns (double glue strip and perforations)


Manchester ranked as one of top European business cities

It was great to read on the Chamber of Commerce website that Manchester has been acknowledged as the 12th best city in Europe for business and is the top UK city outside London.

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council said: "The survey shows we really are in the top flight of European cities for business investment. "From excellent office space to a skilled workforce to fantastic local, national and international transport links, Manchester consistently proves that it can meet and exceed the needs of any firm that chooses to come here. And by attracting investment, we create jobs, which has to be the focus of the city over the coming months and years."

This report shows how the investment and development in the area is paying off and it is great to see Manchester being put on the map alongside all of the other successful European cities. Duo is proud to be located in such a thriving area and looks forward to future developments.

Top tips - How to improve the green credentials of your mailing bag without effecting performance

How do you improve the green credentials of a mailing bag without effecting the performance?

This is a question that as polythene mailing bag manufacturers, we are increasingly asked as more of our customers are focused on decreasing their corporate carbon footprint.

Here are our three top tips to help you achieve a greener bag without compromising on the critical performance criteria:

  • The best fit packaging range for your products

Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the package (no over folding covering your lovely design) it also decreases the volume of waste polythene. This should also reduce your costs as you are not paying for a volume of polythene that is not being utilized.

  • Add recycled content

It has been proven that adding 25% recycled polythene to your mailing bag does not affect the performance of the glue strip or labels and looks as good as virgin material! Duo are at present conducting trials to increase the percentage of recycled content in our polythene mailing bags without effecting the performance. Look out for updates on our progress in the news section.

  • Smart deliveries

Excess road mileage is one of the main contributors of carbon emissions. Smart usage forecasts and maximizing in-house storage capacity can reduce the number of deliveries to your distribution centers. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also reduce your annual carriage costs.

The real value of the UK’s Recycled Plastics

Wrap research report, the value of recovered plastics in the UK, highlighted how the demand for waste plastics is exceeding the UK's supply. The report stated that at present the UK does not have sufficient reprocessing facilities which has resulted in over 700,000 tonnes being exported to China in 2009.

Around 60% of the UK's recovered plastic exports are polyethylene polymers (HDPE or LDPE). The UK's demand for good quality polyethylene feed stock is high and availability is low and more polythene customers are demanding recycled content in their products.

To overcome the short fall of reprocessing facilities in the UK, Duo invested in an in-house plastics reprocessing system, closed loop recycling. Duo recycles all of its own scrap which is produced during the manufacturing process and also offers a polythene waste collection service for our customers to ensure there is a consistent stream of feedstock.

Wrap research has shown that plastics recovery facilities are commercially viable in this country and at present, around 20% of UK local authorities already operate a kerbside mixed plastic collections. Plans are in place for the introduction of the UK's first mixed plastic reprocessing facility in 2011 which will decrease the volume of waste being exported and increase the availability of recycled material in the UK.

Online shoppers want more!

  Online Shopping

New research has found an increased demand from online shoppers for more home delivery options at a reduced or no additional cost.

The research conducted by SharpFocus published on the Retail Bulletin, showed Saturday was the customers preferred delivery date, however, cost was the key factor for 95% of the respondents not requesting this day. The online shoppers were reluctant to pay an additional charge for a premium delivery service.

These findings add pressure to the online retailers to reduce delivery costs to meet their customers' demands. This can mean retailers offering free delivery or delivery promotions which in turn add additional costs to the fulfillment budget. Duo has been working with many of the leading online retailers for many years and have found making small practical changes to the polythene packaging specification can have huge savings to the packaging budget.

When reviewing your packaging requirements here are a few money saving ideas to bear in mind:

-       Ensure your mailing bags are the best fit for purpose.

This avoiding the need for void fill and reduce the volume of waste polythene used to manufacture your mailing bags.

Also, if the polythene mailing bags are a better fit they are easier and quicker to pack = more products sent out daily.

-       Review the adhesion of the glue (a good test is to seal the mailing bag, allow for 10 seconds and then try and open the bag).

A strong adhesion ensures the product arrives in perfect condition to the customer and guarantees there is no need for purchasing additional sealing products such as tape etc.

-       We have also found that if the customer is pleased with the aesthetics and quality of the polythene mailing bag, prior to opening the package, they have a positive perception of the product inside which can lead to less returns.

If you would like to talk about your current packaging specification with one of our trusted packaging experts please call Duo on 0161 203 5767 alternatively, send an email to enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk and we will be in touch to arrange a visit.

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