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Monthly Archives: November 2010

On-pack label signs up 100th retailer

It was wonderful to read on the Retail Bulletin that now over 100 major retailers have signed up to add an on-pack label which lets shoppers know which packaging can be recycled.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness of the label and encourage consumers to recycle as much as possible which will hugely reduce the amount of recyclable packaging heading to land-fill.

Major brands including John Lewis Partnership, Pets at Home, Next, GlaxoSmithKline and Tesco have joined a string of major brands and retailers in adopting the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), which was launched by retailers' group the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and continues to be actively supported by WRAP.

The brands and retailers signed up to the label account for more than 90% of grocery sales in the UK and over 60,000 products are now showing the label. With this amount of support from the retailers we can hope for the volume of the UK's packaging waste going to landfill be massively reduced in 2011.

All of Duo's packaging products are made from Polyethylene which can be identified by the number 4 recycling symbol  No4     and are all recyclable! 

O the weather outside is frightful...


Winter is well and truly here and the cold weather can cause some glue strips to harden making them less tacky.

To make sure your glue strip mailing bags perform their best throughout winter keep them nice and warm out of the cold weather.

Packaging design on another level...

Brilliant, innovative examples of designers utilizing packaging space to create eye catching bags. The possibilities are endless!


Crate Bag

Weight Bag

Securing the future – The role of resource efficiency

UK firms could save 38 million tonnes of scarce materials each year by embracing "quick-win" efficiency measures, according to new study released yesterday by the government-backed Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

The report assesses the ways in quick win resource efficiency strategies could address the UK's environmental and economic security concerns. Not only would the strategies reduce GHG emissions but also reduce reliance on some raw materials including plastics.

Production specific strategies include:

- Lean production (e.g. light weighting)

- Material substitution

- Waste reduction

- Waste recycling

- Dematerialisation of the service sector (e.g. implementing resource efficiency measures)

- Sustainable building (e.g. new build)

- Efficient use of existing infrastructure

The report builds on work by WRAP in 2009, which found the same 13 efficiency strategies could deliver 10 per cent of the UK's greenhouse gas reduction targets, saving businesses up to £6.4 billion per year.

To access the full WRAP report please use the following link:   http://www.wrap.org.uk/downloads/FULL_REPORT.667cec45.10014.pdf

Social Media Phenomenon


Yesterday, through the GM Chamber I attended a seminar on the subject of social media in business today. I have used social media for personally for many years and it is an integral part of Duo's marketing strategy but I was amazed to hear how impactful this tactic has become on today's consumers.

When you hear statistics such as, 7% of visitors on ecommerce websites convert in comparison to 71% conversion rate of visitors converting from social media sites, you realize the actual influence of this phenomenon on today's consumer. Where in the past consumers felt nervous about purchasing, the introduction of ratings have eradicated that nervousness and are having positive effects on sales. Just Digital Director, Steve Downs stated impressive statistics that retail giant Argos have experienced a 10% increase in sales for products with positive user ratings and QVC a massive 22% increase. All the facts and figures ultimately lead to one conclusion, successful social media activity leads to a more successful business.

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Polythene Facts and Figures

Did you know...

  • For every 7 trucks needed to deliver paper bags, only 1 truck is needed for the same amount of polythene bags.
  • The biodegradable and compostable bags currently on the market will only degrade in a professionally-managed, large scale composting facility. They will not breakdown in the natural environment.
  • During production, plastic bags generate 50% less greenhouse gas emissions, require 70% less energy and produce 80% less waste than paper alternatives. 

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