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The Return Resolution

For many retail operations, customer service devoted to handling returns are a necessary evil. After all, they can be an enormous drain on revenue. There is the money to be refunded to the customer, plus the cost of repackaging the item, restocking and reselling the returned item.

Once the online shopper completes the transaction the next time they view their item is out of the mailing bag. Take away the lure of a well lit, attractive store layout with beautifully displayed garments and a friendly face to face customer service experience, the retailer is left to impress the customer with the presentation of their garment. If the garment is badly presented this can cause the shopper to have a negative view of the product: looks cheap, looks fake, isn't up to the shop standard, etc and will increase the chance of the item being returned. The savvy online shopper can now distinguish between a new and repacked products so where possible repacking packaging should be consistent across the board minimize the opportunity for items to be returned because they are a return!

Returns are inevitable so to minimize the loss of the return the repacking process should be as quick and pain free resulting in the return being as attractive as when it was first received. The introduction of high clarity, consistent repacking/returns clear glue strip bags are a quick win for any retailer who is looking to reduce the volume of their returns. Duo offer a range of clear glue strip mailing bags specifically designed for the retail industry that not only offer a best fit solution for a wide range of retail items but are high clarity displaying your product at its best to delight your customers. To find out more visit Re-Packing & Returns.

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