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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Reduce the UK's Landfill!

The National Audit Office has warned that there is only 7 years of landfill capacity left in the UK and Wales and it is highly unlikely that the UK will achieve its Landfill Directive target by 2013. The Government is committed to assisting the UK to reduce the waste that is headed for landfill and Duo is 100% behind them.

The demand for polythene products with the inclusion of recycled content is extremely high but there is lack of good quality waste polythene feedstock available to meet this demand. Duo currently extrudes over 50% of its annual extrusion capacity using recycled polythene pellets and we predict that this figure will increase as more polythene waste is entered back into the recycling chain.

To reduce the volume of the valuable polythene scrap going to landfill Duo offer a customer recycling scheme to collect and recycle polythene waste using our closed loop recycling facility. The recycled pellets are then included in the production of the customers polythene products, and after they have been used they too can be recycled again and again.

If you have valuable polythene waste that you want to save from going to landfill, please contact Duo on 0161 203 5767 to discuss the collection and recycling of your scrap.

Polythene isn't so mean!

Poly Scrap

Polythene gets a hard time in the press however, as a material that can last forever (if recycled in the correct way) in many cases it is more environmentally friendly than alternative packaging solutions.

Let's take a look at the facts and figures:

  • Plastic shopping bags comprise only 0.05% of landfill.
  • Around 300,000 tonnes of used plastic films are collected in the UK for recycling every year.
  • A person driving 20 miles extra per year will leave a bigger carbon footprint than the average household consumption of polythene carrier bags.
  • It takes 91% less energy to recycle the same weight of polythene than it takes to recycle of paper.
  • Plastic shopping bags use 70% less material today than they did 20 years ago.
  • Surveys routinely show that more than 90% of consumers re-use their polythene bags at least once for things like wastebasket liners, lunch totes and pet pick‐up.
  • During production, plastic bags generate 50 percent less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, require 70% less energy and produce 80% less waste than paper alternatives.

Not so mean after all?

Optimistic Outlook for Online Shopping

It is hard to believe that not too many years ago the thought of shopping at your favourite high street store online was just a pipedream.

After reading an article in The Sunday Times Style magazine (12.09.10) I was truly amazing at just how quickly the online fashion industry has grown in such a short space of time.

In 2005 it was reported the industry was worth £1.7 billion and by 2010 that figure had grown radically to £4.3 billion! This rapid growth is not set to slow despite the threat of a double dip recession and grow by a further 112% in the next 5 years. The online fashion industry has entirely changed the world's shopping culture and with more and more retailers setting up an online presence consumers are really being spoilt!

Vehicles running like an eco-dream!

All new vehicle designs have one thing on the agenda, how can our model be the leading eco car? Although, these new innovations are in demand by eco-conscious consumer these cars come at a cost.

The Green Garage, based in Colorado has come up with a cost effective solution to make your current car the greenest it can possibly be. Green Garage (www.greengarage.com/) specializes in "green-tuning" cars to run cleaner, greener and cheaper through sustainable, energy-saving automotive maintenance and repair products.

Green Garage's "Carhugger" technicians use auto parts that save money by improving fuel efficiency and by reducing the frequency of services. Included in the garage's services are an "Energy Intervention," including preliminary diagnostics to see how to get the best out of the engine, as well as a 53-Point Systems Inspection that proactively identifies any preventive issues that may require maintenance thus saving the consumer money and the environment!

With road haulage still being one of the most popular modes of transport for distribution, the introduction of the Green Garage 'lorryhuggers' would be a huge step towards further lowering the corporate carbon footprint for many business who depend heavily on this mode of transport daily.


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