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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Typically British Weather!


We are well and truly into rainy season (and as we are based in Manchester this doesn't alter much regardless)!

Some packaging materials fight off the bad weather better than others and can guarantee your products remain dry and safe on their journey to your customer.

To avoid dampening your customers spirits use polythene mailing bags to achieve a weather proof delivery.

Polythene mailing bags not only protect your goods from all weather conditions but they are as lightweight as they are durable, cost-effective to send while offering maximum protection during transit.

Avoid product damage and maintain flawless deliveries - use polythene packaging!

Are QR Codes Replacing Social Media Links on Product Packaging?


Socialmediatoday.com's recent blog on utilizing product packaging to further engage and influence your customers using social media links has sparked a few new ideas in the Duo office.

Smart brands realize that their most devoted fans--the influencers who will convert their friends and family by constantly spouting off about how much they love a product want more from the brand than just the product they purchase. Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, stories, games, promotions, etc, etc.

If including social media is the packaging trend of today, QR codes are the trend of tomorrow. Most product packaging already includes a barcode that's scanned for retail purchase purposes but QR codes of the future will be designed for the consumer.

For example, a QR code on a polythene mailing bag for a retailer could lead to their website listing new 'must-have' items, video's of catwalk shows or a promotional advertisement. While QR codes will likely be portals to the same type of content that social media provides today, they have more potential than adding social media logos to the package because QR codes are more immediate and direct and can influence immediate action (re-orders!).

Today, most smart phones have QR code scanners pre-installed and the 'now' society have come to expect immediate information on demand.

Brands are already satisfying their customers demand and are using this technology to good effect now. Don't be left behind, utilize your polythene mailing bag to its full potential and engage with your customers on a new and exciting level. To implement this technology on your polythene packaging is as simple as making a small change to your packaging design. So why delay? Contact your Duo account manager or if you are a new potential customer we can't wait to discuss your requirement with you, call today or email today enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk / 0161 203 5767.

Illuminating Packaging


The mundane weekly shop maybe about to get a bit more interesting…

Fulton Innovation has invigorated the staid world of printed labels by showcasing inductive inks that bring to life words and pictures at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The packaging that appears more like a magic trick, can be applied to products such as cereal boxes to take advantage of their surprising ability to illuminate when placed upon a conductive coil. This holds out the prospect of groceries coordinating custom lightshows to bedazzle shoppers as they make their way down the aisle of their local supermarket.

Information embedded in the products printed circuit can be downloaded to obtain a freshness date and nutritional information, when web enabled this can be used to inventory ingredients and produce recipe suggestions.


‘Twas the season to return


Christmas indulgences don't stop at all the yummy treats and alcohol, many of us cannot resist the lure of Christmas bargains that hit the online stores on boxing day. Although, the indulged online shop may leave your wallet a little lighter entering in 2011 as the guilt creeps in over a third of people choose to return their purchases.

Unwanted products are a multi-million pound headache for online retailers and Duo has took it upon itself to take away some of the pain by creating a perfect solution. Duo's ready available clear retail display bags offer easier packing and improved presentation thanks to the specially designed size range.

To take the pain out of your returns and experience the difference for yourself, contact Duo to request your free sample pack.

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Slimline your packaging and save money!

It is no secret that the cost of polyethylene has increased dramatically this year and everyone is looking at areas to reduce the impact of this increase.

Whilst looking at your packaging spend, it is a great opportunity to review your packaging range too and make sure that your polythene packaging is still best suited for purpose. Using the correct sized packaging will not only ensure you only pay for what you need but will help optimize speed and efficiency of packing.

With over 23 years in the polythene packaging industry our technical sales team have a wealth of experience to ensure your packaging and spend is optimized.

Would you like to optimize your packaging spend? To arrange a site audit with one of our team of experts please call or email Duo to arrange a time and date.

Plastic is no eco-villain!


For all you plastic fans out there I'm sure this comes as no surprise that plastic is no eco-villian! I was very happy to read that the true facts are surfacing in the press via The Guardian.

Julie Hill, author of the forthcoming book The Secret Life of Stuff, praised the sustainability of plastic stating that plastic has great environmental potential because it is very durable, adaptable, flexible and light. Plastic's durability, for instance, means it can have a lower impact (if re-used) than materials such as cardboard which is usually perceived to be the 'greener' option.

To read the full article click: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/green-living-blog/2011/jan/07/plastic-eco-villain-paper?CMP=twt_fd

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