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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Plastics Sustain World's Billions

World Sustainability

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has marked the occasion of the world's seven billion by urging world governments to recognise the role plastic plays in human survival.

The trade body said the use of plastics was "key to supporting population growth and raising the hopes of deprived people." BPF's director Peter Davis stated that it was "crucial that policy makers world over register this simple point - that plastics help people on this planet survive in increasingly testing circumstances."

Davis highlighted the key areas where plastic products are helping responses to environmental and social challenges in today world and proves that plastic is fantastic!

Reducing Food Waste

Sealed and durable plastics packaging preserves food for longer, is hygienic and minimises the possibility of health hazards through bacterial or fungal attack.

Minimising Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Plastics components significantly reduce the weight of motor vehicles and aircraft, improving their fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. The new generation of jet passenger aircraft use plastics composites to lighten their body weight.

Achieving good healthcare for all

The economies of scale achievable through the manufacture of plastic medical devices are making sophisticated treatment more affordable the world over, radically improving the recovery, wellbeing, personal mobility and independence of elderly, unwell or injured people.

Plastics and polythene are a valuable and flexible resource that offers economical, advanced and sustainable solutions to the world's demands. Duo has specialised in polythene products since 1988 and using our expertise in this area, we have developed many cost saving, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers business requirements. The flexibility of polythene has enabled many businesses become leaner and adopt new business processes in reaction to new social challenges.

Our expertise of the polythene material properties and manufacturing process enables our team to make the most informed recommendations to provide a superior packaging solution that creates a benefit to a business environment. Is your packaging product enhancing your business process? If you are unsure contact Duo today to arrange a site audit with our packaging experts.

Source: www.prw.com

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