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Fast Paced Packaging

Packaging is a necessity in today's fast-moving society to protect, preserve and streamline business processes. Polythene packaging is widely used in the retail and e-retail industry to package products for display, distribution and re-sale.

Good quality packaging is a necessity to endure the postal system. Poor quality or the wrong packaging specification may rip, leak or damage the product inside and present your customers order in an unsightly manner. Choosing to work directly with a packaging manufacturer can overcome these issues by creating a specific packaging range to suit your business requirements and streamline your processes. Depending on your different business requirements, popular packaging products include polythene mailing bags, polythene film, waste sacks, waste segmentation bags, reprocessing and retail display bags.

Polythene is a popular material used by businesses for their packaging requirements. The polythene manufacturing processes is a 3 steps process. Firstly, the polythene raw material is melted and blown to form a continuous polythene film. Additives called masterbatch are added at this stage to add the colour to the film. The polythene film is then printed with the customers' design or logo. The final process is conversion where the polythene film is made into the specific requirements such as mailing bags, carrier bags or sacks.

Duo UK is a packaging manufacturer with two UK manufacturing sites in Manchester and Nottingham. We supply a wide range of polythene packaging to many of the UK's leading businesses. At Duo UK we are conscientious about protecting the environment and as a lean manufacturer we avoid creating any unnecessary waste. It is possible for polythene to biodegrade if a biodegradable additive is added, however, polythene is a sustainable product that can be recycled again and manufactured into a new polythene product. The process of recycling plastics is a sustainable and future proof plan for an on-going solution. At Duo we offer a closed loop recycling which is the leading recycling technology available. This reduces the volume of waste polythene that ends up in landfill, and reduces the energy consumed in extruding raw material.

Click here for more information about the packaging manufacturing process.

For more information on Closed Loop Recycling click here.

One in 10 online sales are made via click and collect

Handle 1

IMRG has announced new record figure for sales via the channel, where consumers transact through an ecommerce site and collect in store. Click and collect transactions account for more than a tenth (10.4%) of all ecommerce sales for the third quarter of 2011. This was up from 7.4% in the previous quarter and was the strongest quarterly gain that has been recorded in the seven quarters IMRG has been tracking the data.

David J Smith, chief marketing and communications officer at IMRG, said in a statement that delivery is one of the most important elements of online shopping; "Inconvenience at that stage can turn a positive experience into a bad one. Retailers need to ensure that they track and monitor consumer behaviour to understand what options are proving most popular, to ensure that the experience is as convenient and seamless as possible."

John Lewis this week reported a 13.9% rise in its online sales year on year, driven by convenience and aided, in particular, by its click and collect service.

Duo manufactures click and collect bags for many of the UK's major retailers and has experienced an increase in volume of this particular product compared to figures in 2010. Click and collect is a fantastic service for the customer and we believe that this trend will continue to increase in 2012.

To enhance the click and collect process for the customer experience and streamline in-house processes we have listed our top tips when developing your click and collect packaging:

- Use a different colour base packaging to help the fulfillment house and in-store staff distinguish between click and collect and mail order products.

-  A customer may want to check their order before leaving the store so add a double glue strip to enable them to open their package and then re-seal it again to secure the contents.

- Add a lateral weld with a punch out handle to enable the customer to carry their click and collect item as a store bag for ease whilst they shop.

- And most importantly, brand your packaging! Your click and collect packaging is perfect to increase awareness of your brand and your click and collect service to the rest of the high street.

If you are about to launch a click and collect service and would like to discuss your packaging with Duo please complete our online form and one of our sales team will be in touch. Alternatively feel free to call Duo today on 0161 203 5767.

Internet Sales Soar on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday


Yesterday shoppers spent a total of £456 million in just 24 hours online! Sales peaked between 1pm and 2pm when office staff logged on during their lunch breaks - an increase of 14% from 2010.

How do you plan to do your Christmas shopping? Online or on the high street? Join in our online Facebook Poll.

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