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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Consumers rate a brand’s ethics before buying

A company's ethics and corporate governance are crucial to consumers considering buying its products or services, according to a study.

It was recently reported on Packaging Digest that in a poll of 1,000 people, agency 23red found that 91% believed the way a company behaves towards its customers and communities is influential when making a purchase.

Almost three quarters (74%) want to know more about the behaviour of a company before buying, while 60% say a company's environmental record, sourcing and employment policies affect their purchase decision.

FMCG companies such as Unilever, P&G and Reckitt Benckiser all report regularly on the progress of environmental initiatives, believing it crucial to the success of their company. M&S reported earlier this year that its sustainable Plan A initiative has helped lift sales.

The report comes as 23red launch "great good", which claims to "educate brands and businesses on how best to align their commercial interests with their core values".

Packaging, regardless of the material, is an area where company's are regularly challenged by consumers to ensure the most ethical sourcing strategies are employed, the most environmentally friendly materials are being used and also the volume of packaging is kept to the very minimum. Packaging is integral in bringing products to market and as protection for the product but it can also be used as a canvas for your company to promote its ethics.

Your packaging is the first thing your customer sees and may be the first impression a customer receives of your brand. When designing your packaging, why not use the space to promote your key brand messages as well as delivering product information?

Mailing bags offer a fantastic space to promote your ethical message and are guaranteed to be seen by your target audience. A vast range of printing options are available on mailing bags including process printing and 1 to 8 colour printing to deliver your message in a high impact, high quality fashion. Don't miss an opportunity to increase your customers awareness of your brand, use branded mailing bags.

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