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Increase Brand Awareness Through Branded Packaging

In a nutshell branding can be thought of as providing your businesses products or services with a unique name and identity that your customers will recognise and recall favourably when making a choice between you and your competitors. Corporate identity and branding are closely linked as the former concept reflects and encompasses the other. The identity is linked to the company philosophy and the branding can make the philosophy tangible as well as visible as a legal entity through a trademark.

Given the overwhelming number of brands in existence giving your product a unique name and identity is not a simple process and Seth Godin gave some useful advice when he said "Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring. Your one chance for success is to be remarkable." In a competitive arena he suggests that making remarkable products is what will set a business apart from all other similar competitive products. Remarkable products therefore will also require remarkable branding and consequently also remarkable branded packaging. The packaging cannot have an incongruous fit with the brand name. If you are selling goat's milk your branded packaging should reflect this and what goat's milk buyers would like to see.

This brings us to the point of market and consumer analysis to get an idea of precisely what appeals to your specific target market so that you can match it to the branded packaging accordingly. The ultimate aim of your business is to make money and therefore to generate sales. When customers value your product, brand awareness increases and repeat sales are generated which then adds to your bottom line. Conducting surveys with consumers can be a useful tool in determining whether your branded packaging is doing its job and is also an avenue to uncover trends that could lead to strengthening your brand. The pinnacle of branded glory is when a product brand name becomes synonymous with the product and enters the psyche of a population. One of my favourites is the term 'hoovering' rather than 'vacuuming'.

Branded packaging need not incorporate complex designs and colours to be effective.  Take for example the Nike 'swoosh' - it is simple, easily recognisable, and easily reproducible with enormous brand equity. Caroline Davidson created the logo in 1971 to depict the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory and forty years later it still has an enviable position in branding. The process of producing remarkable branded packaging therefore begins with knowing your product and your consumers to maximise brand awareness and build brand equity.

Duo's customers who have branded their online packaging have reported an increase in brand awareness and repeat purchases and a reduction in returned items. Is your brand reflected through your packaging? Branding your packaging is straightforward, quick to implement and cost effective, to discuss your ideas call Duo today on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk

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