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ATTRACTive Packaging: how to create compelling packaging driven by customer insights

Well designed packaging can enhance desirability of a product and establish brand identity. Using techniques that engage consumers senses creates a memorable experience. Combine this with consumer insights to create a design that appeal specifically to the desired target audience = recipe for packaging success.

Knowing customer preferences and designing with this in mind enables a brand to create distinctiveness through a product's packaging. This means businesses have to be forward thinking, utilize their consumers' insights creatively and know their target market.

Appealing to Gen I


Generation I refers to the children of the youngest baby boomers. These individuals were born in the age of the internet. Although research on this demographic is still ongoing, many companies are finding that combining a clear and strong marketing message with new technological features, such as QR codes stimulates their interest.

Targeting Gen Y


Also known as millennials, Generation Yers have birthdays ranging from around 1985 to 2003. This generation grew up with computers most of their life and are therefore especially responsive to internet campaigns and social media. They process information quickly, are brand loyal and respond to outside-the-box humor packaging and advertising efforts.

The Baby Boomers


Born during the demographic post World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. This group are big spenders and many packaging designs are created to appeal to this mass market. This group do not want to be referred to as old, they are drawn to packaging that appeal to their youthful side, while offering real benefits from a product.

Source: Packaging Digest and Lightening Labels 

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