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Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to minimise losses of a fulfillment operation

With UK web sales to overseas markets expected to hit £28bn in 2020 the pressure is intensifying for retailers to up their multichannel game. Whilst there is a lot of investment made in the digital technologies such as functionality and content investing in improving supply chain and fulfilment can quickly increase profitability. Managing a profitable fulfillment operation lies in how to scale for future growth. So, how do you minimise the losses and streamline fulfilment operations for growth? 

Protect your products - Warehouses are busy, dusty environments. Products can easily be damaged marked or torn and therefore cannot be sold. If these garments are accidently sent to customers, they can result in increase in returns and damage to brand reputation. Profit down the drain.

Design for speed - When it comes to picking and packing, speed and efficiency is key. Packing benches should be arranged so all packaging items can be easily reached to make packing fast and easy. Postal packaging should be well-fitting, durable and easy to erect.

Pack Smart -  When it comes to postal costs, keeping number of parcels and size of the parcel to a minimum is key. Investing in a larger postal packaging to allow for multi item packing can significantly reduce spend on postage plus increase customer satisfaction by all goods arriving together. 

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