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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Co-ex has landed!

As part of Duo's ambitious growth plans, Duo's has invested in a new customised co-extruder which will increase film manufacturing capacity by 40%.

The co-ex was manufactured in Italy and delivered to Duo's in June when the re-construction started. In preparation for the new machine, walls were knocked down, ceilings raised and extra electricity pumped into the site. Thanks to the great work of the engineering and extrusion teams the reconstruction was rapid, taking only a week.


The old storage warehouse wall has been removed to double the size of the extrusion hall.





Laying the foundations for the re-build




Duo -plastics -25th -anniversary -18_Small


Find out more information on our specialist film products here

Floating shoes, peelable bottles…the best new interactive packaging designs

Nike 1Nike 2

Nike is one of the largest footwear corporations in the world with roughly 120 million pairs sold each year, the design of the trainer has altered over the years however the appearance shoebox in which they're contained has remained almost the same. The lack of innovation in the design of the shoebox has leaded the German design agency Scholz & Friends to create a prototype for the Nike air model.

The new design for the shoebox consists of an airtight transparent plastic bag firmly moulding around the shoe giving the illusion of a 'floating' shoe which reiterates the Nike 'air' link.

This concept makes the whole shoe more visible to customers and also acts as a more effective form of protection during the shipping process; the lighter packaging can also save on transport cost, fuel and reduce emissions.


Smirnoff was founded in the early 1860's and since then has slowly grown to be, as of 2006, the best selling distilled spirit brand in the world. The company has produced an extencive range of different vodkas and flavours but no spirit brand has presented their product quite like smirnoff have done with their Caipiroska' range. The line of  fruit flavoured vodka is packaged in a way where the bottle can be 'peeled' off just like the fruit they represent giving the consumer a added aspect of interactivity, they are even sent in wooden crates just as the fruits  they represent are transported in large produce markets in Brazil. JWT the advertising agency responsible for the packaging said they wanted to create the unique feeling of peeling a drink made of fruit.


Much like the Smirnoff peelable bottle these cartons are an amalgam of fruit and packaging. These clever cartons are the product of Naoto Fukasawa of Japan, an industrial designer who is famous for his innovative and practical inventions.; the clever designs feature the same texture, colour and aesthetics of the fruit they represent designer Naoto said "I imagined that if the surface of the package imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin, then the object would reproduce the feeling of the real skin." At the moment the product is only available in Japan with just three flavours available, but with a huge amount of different fruits around the world the possibilities are endless.


Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/

How to… make gift wrapping work for your brand

With the right packaging you can add value to your products, look forward to higher levels of profitability and longer term improved brand image too. With just under two thirds of UK adults stating professional gift wrapping makes goods 'extra special', the argument for retailers to offer this service is clear.  

  1. Who should be top of your gift list - Men and women alike appreciate the attention to detail associated with luxury packaging, with a particularly positive impact seen among young consumers, those aged between 18-24 years old. Typically men are willing to pay more for gift wrapping as an added service than women, so appealing to the young male demographic is particularly important. 
  2. Who are they buying for - Men are far more likely to request professional gift wrapping when purchasing a gift for their wife or partner. Interestingly, women are more likely to purchase gift wrapped goods for their mum than their other halves.
  3. Getting the price right - On average men are willing to pay more than women, with the majority happy to spend around £2 for the service. One in ten men are happy to spend upwards of £4, and this figure increases among 18-24 year olds. 
  4. Setting expectations - Whether online or in store, our advice is to introduce gift wrapping as a service option that is part of the purchasing experience, by having branded luxury paper bags, bespoke gift boxes, branded tissue paper and branded ribbon available. 
  5. Realising the longer term benefits - High quality, luxury packaging can do wonders for a brand's image and is known to influence consumer behaviour long term. Introducing a gift wrapping service can lead to an increase in repeat orders, more word of mouth recommendations and is associated with investment in customer service. The best news for retailers enjoying their improved profitability is that gift wrapped goods are actually perceived to be better value for money. 

Although the sun is shining retailers are already started the countdown to Christmas particular when it comes to placing orders for their packaging. Imported packaging items can take up to 12 weeks to arrive. With just 18 weeks until 1st November, when the season's shoppers start in earnest, it's important to act now in order to meet demand and make the most of this opportunity. 

As featured on Drapers Online

UK recycling levels need to rise


Increasing UK plastics recycling levels is a must if mandated targets are to be met was the hot topic at the 16th International Conference on Recycling of Plastics, which took place last month in Bad Neuenahr, Germany.

Approximately 2.5 million tonnes of plastic packaging enters the UK market every year. In 2012 around 644,000 tonnes (25%) were recycled; by 2017, 42% will be recycled, predicted waste consultancy Wrap. In order to achieve this target, current efforts will need to double, added the organisation.

Roger Baynham of the British Plastics Federation (BPF) criticised the current PRN system, which he said leads to waste being exported rather than reprocessed in the UK. In 2010 736,000 tons of waste plastics were exported from the UK to China, he noted.

Polythene is a flexible packaging material selected by many packaging buyers as it is a sustainable, future proof substrate. Polythene after its first use, can be recycled and manufactured into a product that can be recycled again. In the UK there are closed loop recycling facilitates available in the UK to manage this process. However the high percentage of waste plastic exported in 2010 may indicate that awareness of this capability is not widely known.

Duo UK are an accredited PRN recycler authorised to issue recover notes and each year we recycle over 2,000 tonnes of waste polythene in our UK closed loop recycling facility. Some packaging buyers are leading the way in the drive for more recycling and, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives, they are making a conscious effort to save their packaging waste from a destiny in landfill and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint.

Our client JD Williams' runs an in-house waste segregation scheme to segregate packaging waste (polythene, paper, and card) in their fulfillment sites. Duo UK then collects the polythene waste when delivering their new packing products, and recycles the scrap in our UK closed loop recycling facility. This is a perfect example of closed loop recycling process working at its very best.

This service we actively promote to our customers to save polythene packaging waste from export to landfill sites and help increase the volume of waste recycled here in the UK. If companies can revise their current waste segregation procedures to separate different materials, where commercially viable, and identify a UK recycling partner this will help towards achieving the mandated targets.

More information on the benefits of Closed Loop Recycling can be found here.

Read how Closed Loop Recycling helped our client Keep Britain Tidy reduce their carbon footprint here.



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