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1988, 25 years from now...

Day In The Life

This article published by The Los Angeles Time and written just one month before Duo UK was founded in 1988 predicted what life would look like in the year 2013. The 2013 of today may not be as sophisticated as 1988 expected, we don't all currently own robot maids to carry out our day to day chores like making food and cleaning or even have money that can be tracked back to the owner via barcodes on notes. However there are some similarities between then and now; 25 years on and Duo UK shares the same vision, drive and passion to produce quality polythene packaging products as it did on day one. Duo isn't the only business who has flourished in there first 25 years of business. Here are just a few examples of the companies and their story beginning with their launch back in 1988. 


Lenovo: Just 7 years after IBM releases the world's first personal computer Lenovo entered the booming technology market under the name 'legend' in 1988. The company had just 200,000 Yuan (GBP £21,472) of investment for start-up capital and a small workforce however have managed to grow enough in order to acquire their competitor IBM's PC business in 2005. From then on the company have consistently grown into a technology giant and the world's largest supplier of PC's as of July 2013 with a work force of 27,000 staff and a total revenue of  USD $29.57 billion.

Paddy Power: Today the biggest betting company in Europe. Born in the same year as Duo and founded by 3 Irish bookmakers. Paddy power initially was based purely in Ireland until their expansion to the UK and parts of Europe, the expansion continued with the advancements in technology and the increased popularity of the internet with the new website allowing people to bet online from the comfort of there own home. In May 2010 Paddy Power became the first bookmakers in the world to produce a Smartphone app, since then mobile betting has become one of the biggest growth areas in the company and the largest area for revenue.


SanDisk: If you have saved any type of file or taken a picture today, chances are you've used a SanDisk product to store it on. SanDisk supply flash storage and hard drives for iPhones, iPads, Macs, iPods, Smartphone's, laptops, pen drives, cameras and many more technology products. In 1990 the average cost of 1GB of storage would have cost £7325.53, at present the cost for the same amount is £0.03 In 1988 the three founders of SanDisk had a vision of creating flash memory for "an emerging new class of compact, portable products, such as hand-held computers, electronic notebooks, solid-state cameras…and cellular telephones." Their vision was to become a reality with a huge surge in technological advancements in mobile and portable technology in particularly 20 years later as the first android and iPhone Smartphone's were introduced and rolled out in 2007/08. As a result of the massive increase of storage and substantial reduction in size SanDisk has been partly responsible for the increased portability of computer technology over time and the evolution of digital cameras.


Economic Benefits of Closed Loop Recycling

   Duo -148

With the government and local councils investing millions of pounds into encouraging and enforcing recycling at a domestic and industry level, leaders are looking at businesses like Duo UK to facilitate the reprocessing of excess plastic and waste materials to help achieve ambitious recycling targets. The government is encouraging manufacturers to contribute to a more circular economy in which a circular flow of materials and energy is endorsed for environmental gain in addition to monetary benefits in the form of cost savings. The government aim to reduce the amount of waste that was sent to landfills in 1995 by 65% in the year 2015.

The introduction of the landfill tax in 1996 has been the major influence for companies to look for alternative, sustainable and resource efficient options for treating their waste as apposed to relying on landfill. A dramatic increase in this tax in the past 5 years has acted as a catalyst for firms to rethink their waste disposal methods. Current rates stand at £72/tonne meaning firms must act fast in order to sustain profits as yet another tax increase is forecast for 2014.

To offer our customers a solution to overcome these rising costs and aid environmental sustainability Duo UK invested in a closed loop recycling machine. Closed loop recycling reprocesses excess or waste polythene back into polythene pellets which can then be fed back into the extrusion process to produce recycled content packaging products. Using the recycled polythene pellets Duo UK has been able to successfully produce 100% recycled content retail carrier bags and mailing bags with 25% recycled content mailing bags while still maintaining the products high quality.

Our client Keep Britain Tidy changed their packaging waste sack from natural polythene to 100% recycled polythene to help them achieve their objective of reducing their carbon footprint, read more about the positive impact on their business here.

With the fluctuating price of oil having a direct correlation to the cost of polyethylene, the production cost of polythene products has increased dramatically in the last few years. Closed loop recycling reduces dependency on raw materials and with 1.8 tonnes of oil saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced the benefits are clear to see. However, there is still a lack of scrap polythene available to re-process in the UK as awareness of polythene recycling scheme such as Duo UK's closed loop recycling facility is low.

For more information on closed loop recycling and the potential benefits to your business click here.


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