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The Power of Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrap Ideas

It appears children are not the only ones that love a beautifully wrapped gift at Christmas...

Over 60% of men and women who took part in Duo UK's research study which explored consumer attitudes to gift and luxury packaging, stated that they not only appreciated professionally gift wrapped goods but also associated a number of positive halo effects with gift wrapped purchases including:

  • 35% increased prosperity to make a repeat order
  • 25% improved perception of value for money
  • 25% improved brand image
  • 20% more likely to recommend the brand to a friend
  • 20% believed a brand invests more in customer service

These figures show that overall gift wrapping and luxury packaging has a strong positive impact on the customer shopping experience. 

Investing in gift wrapping not only positively affests a consumers perception of particular item but also influences customers buying behaviour patterns which in turn can lead to higher levels of profitability and can be a real "pull" factor.

It's not too late to order gift wrap packaging to delight your customers this Christmas. Select here for more infomation on tissue paper, ribbon and stickers.


The countdown to Christmas is underway, are you ready?

We know the lead-up to Christmas can be chaotic, so we've gathered together the some essential information and tips to help you sail through the season. 

  • Effective Stock Management. Having the right packaging at the right time is critical. Take advantage of Duo's free stock management service which enables you to track your stock levels, forward for case your supply and eradicate any shortfalls in stock. For more information on this service please contact Eddie on 0161 203 5767 or email eddie@duo-uk.co.uk
  • Limited Edition Packaging. Christmas is undoubtably the busiest and most competitive time of year so it is important to engage with your customers and deliver and memorable shopping experience. Read our top tips on creating limited edition Christmas packaging to delight your customers.
  • Returns and Re-processing. Unwanted products are a multi-million pound headache for online retailers and Duo has took it upon itself to take away some of the pain by creating a perfect solution. Duo's stock range of clear retail display bags offer easier packing and improved presentation thanks to the specially designed size range. For a quote or samples of our clear re-packging bags please contact Duo on  0161 203 5767 or email  enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk
  • Christmas Shutdown. This year Duo will close for business at 4pm on Friday 20th December and will re-open at 8am on Thursday 2nd January. The last delivery date before the Christmas break is Thursday 19th December.

Are you ready to maximise your Christmas opportunity?

Christmas is undoubtably the busiest and most competitive time of year so it is important to engage with your customers and deliver and memorable shopping experience. 

Research commissioned by Duo UK uncovered that luxury packaging positively affect a customers perception of a particular item and also positively influences customer behaviour patterns. Consumers also associated a number of positive halo effects with purchases wrapped in luxury packaging including:

·       An increased propensity to repeat order (35%)

·       An improved perception of value for money (25%)

·       Improved brand image (25%)

·       More likely to recommend to a brand to a friend (20%)

·       A belief that a brand invests more in customer service (20%). 


Packaging accessories such a branded tissue paper, branded ribbon and limited edition Christmas mailing bags are a perfect addition to your packaging range to add some Christmas sparkle and delight your customers.

Contact Duo today to discuss your Christmas packaging plans and maximise your Christmas sales.

Behind the Scenes: Chuka Umunna MP Visits Duo UK Manchester

Duo welcomed Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna to our Manchester polythene packaging factory on Wed 28th August. Chuka Umunna MP visited Duo UK to gain first hand experience of how British manufacturers are coping in the current economic climate.

During his two hour visit Chuka Umunna was taken on a tour of the manufacturing site, met the Duo team and spent time with Duo UK managing Director David Brimelow to discuss the challenges facing UK businesses today.

Speaking on his visit, Chuka Umunna commented "I saw an ambitious, family run entrepreneurial company, which is investing in its future, and creating secure, stable employment for the local community," he said, adding Duo are an example of what Britain needs to aid an economic recovery."


Chuka -Umunna -Duo -plastics -visit -16

Duo UK Managing Director, David Brimelow and Chuka Umunna MP start the tour of Duo's Manchester factory where he visited each stage of the polythene manufacturing process: extrusion, print and conversion.


Chuka -Umunna -Duo -plastics -visit -37

Chuka Umunna MP and Duo's Commercial Director Anthony Brimelow discussed how the potential attack on Syria has already caused a spike in polythene prices. This will increase the manufacturing cost of Duo's products impacting on the companies profitability and cost of product to the customer.


Chuka -Umunna -Duo -plastics -visit -41

Duo's new co-extruder, which was financed by the Italian Government using a funding method known as forfaiting, was of particular interest to  Chuka Umunna MP who commented,"There's an extraordinary situation where you have a fantastic manufacturing firm producing products they're selling across the country. They're expanding and employ 120 people. But in order to get the finance they need they've gone to Italy to take advantage of a scheme to help businesses access funds. I think that's an absurd and unacceptable situation."

Chuka -Umunna -Duo -plastics -visit -71

Duo apprentice Paul Brown, who was named as the  'Apprentice of the Year' at the Plastics Industry Awards 2012 informed Chuka Umunna MP on why an apprenticeship was the right path for his career.

Chuka -Umunna -Duo -plastics -visit -98

David Brimelow explained that he is extremely pleased that big UK brands such as JD Williams, ASOS and John Lewis have made the commercial decision to purchase their packaging from British manufacturers. UK businesses working together and buying from each other will help increase demand for UK manufactured products which will in turn boost the economy and job opportunities

Chuka Umunna MP commented "Manufacturing is incredibly important to the health of the UK economy and I was impressed with the very obvious energy, commitment the Duo team has in driving their business forward."


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