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Don't forget that packaging is key to customers

Customer centricity is vital in ensuring a positive customer-client relationship. Putting the customer at the heart of a business can bring great business results, and particularly in manufacturing, can help in the development and implementation of innovative products.

At Duo UK, manufacturer and supplier of packaging to the retail sector, we work in partnership with clients with the central focus being what their objective is or what problem they need to solve. We offer clients a range of solutions to meet their needs whilst educating and advising our customers every step of the way. We find this approach achieves a higher success rate when introducing new packaging products especially if a new process has to be adopted too.

The retail industry is leading the way when it comes to offering customised customer experiences. Speed and ease is key to be able to react to changing market demands.  Recent trends which have resulted in a change to product specification, is the increase in popularity of click-and-collect orders and also a focus on reducing carbon footprint. In Duo's case, this resulted in looking at options such as including a carrier handle to glue strip mailing bags for click-and-collect customers or, for customers with environmental concerns developing odourless 100% recycled mailing bags and introducing new material, GreenPE, a thermoplastic resin made entirely from sugarcane ethanol.

Research and development ensures the customer is at the centre of all our business decisions. We've seen so much growth in demand for recycled products that we've recently invested in a second closed loop recycling machine and we're working with clients to make the collection of polythene easier and more financially rewarding for them. Whilst it requires a lot of investment, ensuring your product range is developed for your customers' needs means the end result ensures higher customer satisfaction rates and relationship longevity.

Our approach is to have a close and honest relationship with our customers at all times and ensure that if we make a promise, we deliver. It's more than just taking an order, it's about taking the time and interest in customers' needs and offer a range of appropriate packaging products and or services that really benefit their business, and in turn, ours.

Being customer-centric is what will set you apart from competitors and ensures your business remains competitive and relevant. Make sure you keep up to date with news in your own industry, but also with that of your customers. For example, what are the current trends in retail?  Will you need to adapt a product for this specific requirement? It's this knowledge and approach to change that will ensure you exceed your customers' expectations and position you as the expert and build trust in your professional opinion.


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