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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Gift of Gift Wrapping

White & Red Ribbon , Stickers And Tissue Paper 2 

Gift wrapping serves two purposes; firstly, it helps your customers deliver a gorgeous gift to their recipient without having to take it home and wrap it themselves and secondly it gives you an opportunity to incorporate some of your own branding into the gift wrap to really build brand advocates.

To help you get started and inspire your seasonal packaging range, we've teamed up with Neelam Meetcha, the UK's most acclaimed creative paper and gift wrapping artist, to offer you some expert advice on how and why to consider incorporating gift wrapping in-store:

Tip 1

The choice of gift-wrapping makes a statement about the quality of the product inside so if you've got a higher priced item, consider using luxury materials and incorporate exquisite details such as branded stickers and ribbon. Great packaging creates excitement for both the buyer and the gift recipient - think of the packaging as part of the gift and every layer that the recipient unwraps is building the suspense for what's inside.

Tip 2

Stores that gift-wrap are seen as a one-stop gift service which is very important to time-stressed customers who will remember this service for other special occasions.

Tip 3

Time is of essence when stores are busy but there are really simple things you can do that add a bit of luxury without taking up too much time. For instance, a layer of tissue paper inside a luxury paper bag or closing the bag with a branded sticker are perfect for a quick, simple, and effective gift-wrap solution when the queues are long.

Tip 4

In-store gift wrapping also gives your staff an opportunity to speak with your customers during the wrapping process - this is a key part of building rapport with customers.

Tip 5

Finally, Neelam's top tip; create beautifully wrapped products and strategically place them around your store, this adds value to your customers shopping experience and increases sales, the customer has bought the service before they even reach the tills!

Our experts here at Duo UK can help you to select gift wrapping items to compliment the brand experience you want to create and suggest materials, prints and finishes that are within budget.

Most importantly though - our team are also on hand to advise on packaging that helps increase sales and repeat business as well as to advise on lead times and re-order points to avoid shortages and express shipping charges. 

Contact the Duo team today on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk 

For more infomation about Neelam and her gift wrap services visit: www.giftwrappingcourses.co.uk

Download this Gift Wrap Guide here

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

With peak holiday season, dare we say it...less than 3 months away,its time to start planning your in-store and online packaging requirements to take full advantage of peak trading. With spending habits becoming increasingly difficult to predict, we've pulled together a list of the key shopping dates so you can ensure your packaging stocks are ready to pack all of those orders.

Need some help planning your packaging usage forecast and delivery schedule? Duo understands that it is critical that you have the right packaging at the right time and our visual stock control tool allows you to track your stock levels of each product line and forward forecast your supply, contact Duo to find out how this tool can help your business.


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