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Manufacturers of Polythene Packaging

Branded Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are our specialism here at Duo and all the bags we produce are specifically designed to ensure your products reach their destination safely and securely.

The Duo Group manufactures over 125 million branded glue strip mailing bags in the UK each year. This figure is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

Polythene mailing bags are a versatile and valuable marketing tool to promote your brand to your customers. Polythene mailing bags are lightweight, durable, weatherproof, and cost-effective to send in the post while offering your product maximum protection during transit.

Our polythene mailing bags are available in a range of design options to suit all requirements. These include:

  • Double glue strip - resealable for quick and easy returns
  • Perforated - simple and satisfying for customers to open
  • 97% opacity - ensuring maximum security for contents
  • Punch handles - for a traditional 'shop' look and feel
  • 8 colour print - reinforce your brand in an eye-catching way
  • Full range of sizes and thickness - everything from tiny jewellery bags to outsize bags for large items.
  • 25% recycled content - to reduce your corporate carbon footprint

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As an innovative manufacturer, Duo noticed the growing consumer trend to shop online and designed a polythene glue strip mailer specifically for this purpose.

Due to the high quality and success of our polythene mailing bags, with the support of our customer base, all of the glue strip polythene mailing bags that are produced within our UK factories are branded with the Duo Mail UK logo to show this registered brand of quality.


Did you know?

Duo's current capacity can produce over 125 million branded glue strip bags – a figure that is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

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