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GreenPE Mailing Bags

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Duo UK is proud to be the first UK manufacturer to produce mailing bags using Green PE, a thermoplastic sustainable resin, made from sugar cane. This means you can now choose for your mailing bags to be produced from 100% renewable material that's also 100% recyclable without compromising on product performance.

There are lots of products out there with 'green' claims but what is particularly exciting about Green PE is that its environmental credentials extend all the way down the production chain. The raw ingredient, sugarcane, is a water efficient crop that also captures carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and is planted and grown in accordance to strict ethical guidelines. Further CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere by the ethanol used to make GreenPE. As a consequence, each kilogram of green plastic produced using this methodsaves 2.78kg of CO2, when compared to the production of conventional oil-based polythene. 

Wondering how all this is possible? Watch this short video to explain the 'science bit'.

If you decide to make the change, share and celebrate your dedication to sustainability and enable your customers to identify your brand commitment to CO2 reduction by printing the "I'm Green" logo on your packaging.

Contact Duo today to find out how much CO2 you could save by switching your mailing bags from polythene to GreenPE

Did you know?

We are an Environment Agency accredited recycler, authorised to issue packaging recovery notes (PRN's).

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