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White Polythene Bubble Mailing Bags

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Duo's range of White Polythene Bubble Mailers feature an air protective cushion to give extra protection for delicate products in transit. This product is lightweight, weatherproof and the air protective cushion is secured to the polythene mailing bag for quick and easy packing.

  • 97% Opacity - ensuring maximum security for contents
  • Cost saving - no need for additional products such as tape or void fill
  • Smooth inside finish - fast packing and cushioned for optimum product protection
  • Weatherproof and tear resistant
  • Recylable - bubble and outer layer both produced from polythene  LDPE 4

Our range of white polythene bubble mailers are available in a range of sizes:

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Did you know?

Thanks to our on-going investment in closed-loop recycling, we're able to reduce our dependency on natural materials.

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