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Multi-Sensory Packaging Range - Silk

Leverage the senses and transform your customer shopping experience with your brand using silk polythene film.

Silk effect polyethylene provides a super smooth touch and delicate frosty finish which can be applied to any colour polythene film.

Duo silk polythene film is manufactured in the UK and can be used for a vast range of applications and is available in a range of design options. These include:

  • Available from a width of 305mm up to to 1630mm
  • Full range of sizes and thickness - everything from tiny jewellery bags to outsize bags for large items
  • Available as rolls of film, sacks and mailing bags.
  • 8 colour print - reinforce your brand in an eye-catching way
  • Green PE -  improve your green credentials by using a material that is 100 percent renewable, 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent sustainable without compromising on performance    

Discover the difference of silk polythene film for yourself. To request a sample contact Duo on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk 

Did you know?

Duo's current capacity can produce over 125 million branded glue strip bags – a figure that is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

Discover the DUO difference for yourself,
call us on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk

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